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  1. Andrew Correa explains how he became overweight and what he did to change his eating habits to be he[...]
    Andrew Correa, Clip 2: Combining Culinary Traditio [...]

  2. Jesus Pineiro talks about some of his fond memories of time spent in Puerto Rico. He describes eatin[...]
    Jesus Pineiro, Clip 2: Puerto Rico or New York

  3. Jesus Pineiro - Full interview: At the time of the interview, Jesus Pineiro just returned from a mon[...]
    Jesus Pineiro, Full Interview

  4. This photo was taken while Jesus Pineiro was working on his family's house and property in Puerto Ri[...]
    Jesus Pineiro

  5. Andrew Correa, a resident of Flushing, Queens since 1998 was born and raised in the South Bronx with[...]
    Andrew Correa, Full Interview

  6. Jesus Pineiro advises listeners to vacation in Puerto Rico. He then shares his memories of breakfast[...]
    Jesus Pineiro, Clip 3: Breakfast in Puerto Rico

  7. Jesus Pineiro, who was born in Puerto Rico and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, learned t[...]
    Jesus Pineiro, Clip 1: Bringing Puerto Rican Foods [...]

  8. Marlen Castro was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia and moved to Astoria, Queens when she was 14 [...]
    Marlen Castro, Clip 2: Colombian Take on a Puerto [...]

  9. Andrew Correa describes some of the traditional foods prepared by his Puerto Rican family including [...]
    Andrew Correa, Clip 1: Traditions in Puerto Rican [...]