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  1. Joan Flowers posing with Vernon Jordon while he was signing copies of his memoir: "Vernon Can Read!"[...]
    Joan Flowers with Vernon Jordan

  2. The document contains Tara's questions for her interview with Dorian.[...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky Interview Questions

  3. Jessica Ramirez on the day of her oral history interview.[...]
    Jessica Ramirez

  4. Antonetti (right) poses with a co-worker in a Queens restaurant kitchen. In her oral history intervi[...]
    Mario Antonetti at Work

  5. Joan Flowers with Pastor Floyd Harold Flake of Greater Allen African Methodist Episcopal Cathedral i[...]
    Joan Flowers with Pastor Flake and Johnnie Cochran

  6. Pushpalatha at the day of her oral history interview.[...]
    Pushpalatha Bhat

  7. Maspeth resident Catherine Moore and her friend from Jackson Heights, Susan Tanebaum, pose for a por[...]
    Catherine Moore and Susie Tanenbaum

  8. James Gilligan writes about his interview with Cosmo Vero. He learned about where Cosmo lived. Gilli[...]
    Cosmo Vero Interview Summary

  9. Tara writes about her reasons for interviewing Dorian. She wants to know about the experience of gro[...]
    Tara Rudnytsky's Statement of Purpose

  10. The page has some basic information about Dorian, such his birthdate, address, and marital status.[...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky Biography

  11. In his interview, Dorian talks about his musical career. He begins by describing his time at Juillia[...]
    Dorian's Interview 1 Transcript

  12. T. Rudnytsky prepared an index card of musicians for his interview with Dorian Rudnytsky.[...]
    Dorian Rudnytsky Interview Card: International Who [...]