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  1. Evi and Lotte recall some of the places that existed in Queens when they moved there as young adults[...]
    Evi Igaluer and Lotte Reinhold Clip 2: Changes in [...]

  2. Evi and Lotte share their opinions of current-day Queens. Evi explains that Queens is becoming more [...]
    Evi Igaluer and Lotte Reinhold Clip 3: Opinions of [...]

  3. Bob Trabold describes the neighborhood shops he remembers from his childhood in Jamaica, especially [...]
    Robert Trabold, Clip 3: Food Memories

  4. Randy Gonzales on the day of his interview.[...]
    Randy Gonzales

  5. Randy Gonzales, a Filipino American, has resided in Queens, New York all his life. He was born in Ja[...]
    Randy Gonzales, Full Interview

  6. Evi Igaluer and Lotte Reinhold are sisters who came to the United States as German holocaust survivo[...]
    Evi Igaluer and Lotte Reinhold, Full Interview

  7. Evi and Lotte describe the discrimination they faced when they came to Middletown New York as German[...]
    Evi Igaluer and Lotte Reinhold Clip 1: Childhood a [...]