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  1. This Grover Cleveland High School yearbook belongs to Ridgewood resident, Gerard Tate.[...]
    Cleveland Log, Volume Forty-two yearbook, 1953

  2. Beata Zalewski in a classroom in Grover Cleveland High School.[...]
    Beata Zalewski at Grover Cleveland High School

  3. Hazel Lendle (Arlene Hoffman's mother) with a parasol on the rooftop of her birth home.[...]
    Young Hazel Lendle on Building Rooftop

  4. Maureen Powell speaks about how, during her childhood, there wasn't the technology we have now, and [...]
    Maureen Powell Clip 3: Maureen Powell's Child [...]

  5. Imelda and Thomas Matthews, parents of Maureen Powell, pictured on their wedding day. This photo was[...]
    Thomas and Imelda Matthews' Wedding Photo

  6. Beata Zalewski speaks about how Ridgewood has changed over the years and how more and more artists h[...]
    Beata Zalewski Clip 1: Artists Moving to Ridgewood

  7. The Monahan family in the early 2000's.[...]
    The Monahan Family

  8. Paul discusses his civic engagement in the community of Ridgewood. While riding the bus in the early[...]
    Paul Kerzner, Second Full Interview

  9. In the spring of 1972, New York City was embarking on a tree planting program. Paul was one of the f[...]
    Paul Kerzner, Clip 3: Tree Planting in Ridgewood

  10. Wilson explains that he originally often found himself in embarrassing encounters in the United Stat[...]
    Wilson Salto's Anecdotes about his State of K [...]

  11. Helen Ries was born to parents of Gottscheer ethnicity who emigrated from present day Slovenia. In t[...]
    Helen Ries, Full Interview

  12. Robert Mestrandrea in his yearbook photo, when he was 17 years old and graduating from Holy Trinity [...]
    Robert Mestrandrea's Graduation Photo