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  1. Joan Flowers discusses with interviewer Margo Luizzo, the Addisleigh Park neighborhood in Queens whe[...]
    Joan Flowers, Clip 1: Addisleigh Park's Histo [...]

  2. Flyer for a Pre-Memorial Day Disco Battle of the Boroughs. The Powerhouses of 3 Boroughs; Brooklyn's[...]
    Battle of the Boroughs

  3. Joan Flowers posing with Vernon Jordon while he was signing copies of his memoir: "Vernon Can Read!"[...]
    Joan Flowers with Vernon Jordan

  4. Naida Nelson-Njoku moved to St. Albans in 1946. Her immediate neighborhood was Merrick Blvd between [...]
    Naida Nelson-Njoku, Clip 3: St. Albans after World [...]

  5. Newspaper clipping of an article about The Maria Rose International Doll Museum and Naida Nelson-Njo[...]
    Article about The Maria Rose International Doll Mu [...]

  6. Gladys Weaver's family was one of the first African American families in Jamaica, Queens. Their neig[...]
    Gladys Weaver Clip 3: Impact of Public Housing Dev [...]

  7. Curtis speaks about his experience as an itinerant Pastor working and occasionally giving sermons at[...]
    Curtis Harding, Clip 2: Becoming a Pastor

  8. Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) describes the stores on New York Boulevard (now Guy Brewer Blvd), the m[...]
    Gladys Weaver Clip 2: Shopping and Home Delivery

  9. Naida Nelson-Njoku recounts her long personal history as a doll collector. Her dolls have been in ho[...]
    Naida Nelson-Njoku, Clip 1: Doll Collector Naida N [...]

  10. Dolls of Barak Obama and Michelle Obama at The Maria Rose International Doll Museum.[...]
    Dolls of Barak Obama and Michelle Obama at The Mar [...]

  11. In this interview, Curtis speaks about his life as Pastor at Saint Albans Baptist Church. He speaks [...]
    Curtis Harding, Full Interview

  12. A letter from the White House to Naida Nelson-Njoku signed by Barak Obama.[...]
    A letter from the White House to Naida Nelson-Njok [...]