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  1. Ms. Barnes tells of the fun times that she and her family had together. Despite the rough patches th[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 2: Family Times

  2. Alina Samko discusses her life in Belarus before coming to the United States. She first came to the [...]
    Alina Samko, Clip 1: Life in Belarus

  3. Tina Barnes' older brother had a great influence on her and her siblings. She gives an example of wh[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 6: Sibling Influences

  4. Tina Barnes talks aboout the advice given to her from her parents, and how it influenced her.[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 4: Parents Influence

  5. Tina Barnes grew up in South Carolina and describes the work her parents did to support their large [...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 7: Parents Instilled the Value o [...]

  6. Tina Barnes talks about her aunts and uncles and the relationships she had with them.[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 5: Relatives

  7. Tina Barnes talks about her parents. She discusses how they got together and created a family.[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 3: Parents Character

  8. In this interview Tina Barnes describes growing up in the south as an African American. She compares[...]
    Tina Barnes, Full Interview