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  1. Chris Piasta gives his viewpoint on why the neighborhoods in South Jamaica are under appreciated and[...]
    Christopher Piasta, Clip 1: Improving South Jamaic [...]

  2. Erika Banga with her cousins Durga Kaur (right)and Babli Kaur (left) for her fourth birthday.[...]
    Birthday Girl with Cousins

  3. Erika Banga with her family members for her fourth birthday.[...]
    Birthday Girl with Cousins

  4. Kamaljit's late husband, Ramesh Kumar, and her two daughters Erika and Ekta Banga in their home in S[...]
    Ramesh Kumar and His Daughters

  5. Mr. Fields talks about how it was like DJ'ing back in the early days of hip-hop throughout the 1980'[...]
    Bernard Fields, Clip 2: On DJing

  6. Erika Banga and her uncle Jaswinder Kumar are riding a bike together on 111th Avenue and 126th Stree[...]
    Biking on 111th Avenue

  7. Chris Piasta talks about how an outsider would perceive South Jamaica and what makes the neighborhoo[...]
    Christopher Piasta, Clip 2: Outsider Viewpoint on [...]

  8. Bernard Fields talks about how he was introduced to hip-hop and how he and his friends would play mu[...]
    Bernard Fields, Clip 3: Intro to Hip-Hop

  9. Mr. Fields talks about the origin of the DJ as musicians during the early days of hip-hop. He says t[...]
    Bernard Fields, Clip 1: On the Start Of DJ's

  10. Father Christopher Piasta discusses the recent immigration from South East Asia and the Middle East [...]
    Christopher Piasta, Clip 3: Jamaica Housing and Po [...]

  11. DJ Devine, DJ Casino(Bernard Fields), and DJ Kendo DJ'ing with all their equipment at the "Armory Re[...]
    Armory Reunion

  12. Changing neighborhood. 135-58 120th Street, South Ozone Park, Queens, NY.[...]
    House Demolition