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  1. Joan and Neville Flowers pose with Basil Bryan, the Jamaican Consul General, at a reception at Flowe[...]
    Reception for Jamaican Consul General

  2. When her children were school-aged, Joan Flowers moved from Queens to Long Island so they could atte[...]
    Joan Flowers, Clip 3: Joan Flowers on Education

  3. New location for Flowers Physical Therapy being renovated.[...]
    Flowers Physical Therapy Under Construction

  4. Tammara remembers that there was a DJ on her block that took her to Springfield Park. She also menti[...]
    Tammara Tillman Interview Part 1, Clip 5

  5. Neville and Joan Flowers at the new location for Flowers Physical Therapy, which was under construct[...]
    Flowers Physical Therapy Under Construction

  6. Joan Flowers poses in front of an abandoned fitness center.[...]
    Abandoned Fitness Center

  7. Neville Flowers was born in Jamaica, and moved to Queens in 1962 as a 17 year old. He quickly became[...]
    Neville Flowers, Full Interview