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  1. Kevin in front of all the cartoons he adored.[...]
    Kevin Kolack

  2. Chumi Lerman is sitting with her daughter in their home.[...]
    Chumi Lerman and Daughter

  3. Frederico "Fred" Robles works for ConEd. Touring 21 different Queens neighborhoods each month, he is[...]
    Frederico Robles, Full Interview

  4. Paula Hostetter learned a lot about her neighbors when she met them door to door after she became a [...]
    Paula Hostetter Clip 2: Republican Campaign Manage [...]

  5. Ms. Blunnie remembers the parties at the private Sunnyside Gardens Park on holidays, and rummage sal[...]
    Betty Blunnie, Clip 4: Sunnyside Gardens Park

  6. [Full Interview] Mary Brigid came from Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland, a coastal town. Her father w[...]
    Mary Brigit Maguire, Full Interview

  7. A musician and Sunnyside resident for 25 years, Cosmos considers Sunnyside a "little oasis in the mi[...]
    Cosmos Clip 2: Renaissance Man

  8. Raja runs a special shelter for special dogs at the old 43rd Street Cinema.[...]
    Dog Shelter

  9. “The wonderful thing about Sunnyside is that we are all here together and that it hasn’t made th[...]
    Text from Sandra Robishaw Interview

  10. Raja Shah with one of his four-legged friends.[...]
    Raja Shah

  11. Ormi moved to Sunnyside from Bangladesh six years ago. Ormi currently works at a supermarket on 43rd[...]

  12. Corinne Healy originally lived in Sunnyside from 1959 until 1966, and in 1996 she moved back on the [...]
    Corinne Healy at Sunnyside Community Library