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  1. Marisa describes the vegetarian food her family cooks to celebrate Diwali including roti, chana, pum[...]
    Marisa Gray, Clip 1: Diwali Holiday and Party Food [...]

  2. Marisa describes how she makes Sada roti, including the names of ingredients and cooking equipment. [...]
    Marisa Gray, Clip 2: Making roti

  3. Marisa Gray who was born in Trinidad but lives in Queens now describes her food traditions in Trinid[...]
    Marisa Gray, Full Interview

  4. Jacqueline Colson discuses how the tier skirt represents her connection to Trinidad, and her mother.[...]
    Jacqueline Colson's Story Quilt Square

  5. Jacqueline Colson's Story Quilt Square depicts a tier skirt, like those her mother used to sew.[...]
    Jacqueline Colson's Story Quilt Square