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  1. [Full Interview] Mary Brigid came from Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland, a coastal town. Her father w[...]
    Mary Brigit Maguire, Full Interview

  2. Thomas and Mary Brigit Maguire on the day of thier oral history interview.[...]
    Thomas Maguire

  3. Tommy talks about living in Ireland and England. He talks about the work he did in England doing var[...]
    Thomas Maguire, Clip 2: Tommy's Life in the B [...]

  4. Raisa Golubchik on the day of her Queens Memory Project interview.[...]
    Raisa Golubchik

  5. Thomas Maguire talks about working in London before coming to New York because of the birth of his s[...]
    Thomas Maguire, Full Interview

  6. Phyllis Spigonardo, Full Interview - Phyllis talks about her life in Queens, paticularly Astoria. In[...]
    Phyllis Spigonardo, Full Interview

  7. Kamaljit Kaur (center) and her aunt (on her left) Surjit Kaur with other Hindu women breaking their [...]
    Karva Chauth Fast

  8. Raisa Golubchik discusses her country of origin and moving to Woodside, Queens. She describes typica[...]
    Raisa Golubchik, Clip 1: Traditional Russian cuisi [...]

  9. Erna commuted to Brooklyn Tech with other kids from Queens for High School in the early 1990's. If y[...]
    Erna Hernandez Barenio, Clip 4: High School in NYC [...]

  10. Margaret was born in Dublin, where she attended school until age 13. After that, she worked as seams[...]
    Margaret Berry, Clip 2: Working at the Viennese Kn [...]

  11. Dumitru Radu has lived in Woodside since coming to the United States with his wife and son in the mi[...]
    Dumitru Radu, Full Interview

  12. Madge O'Boyle came to America because she wanted to see the country. She originally wanted to go out[...]
    Madge O'Boyle, Clip 1: Coming to America