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  1. Cipher Sounds and DJ Divine - holding up flyers from their earlies shows together.[...]
    Cipher Sounds and DJ Divine

  2. This flyer advertises a concert to be held during the Thanksgiving weekend for high school and colle[...]
    The NYC Borough Wide 1981 Nov. 28 "College Hi [...]

  3. Tony Moore at Russell Simmons' home, attending a fundraiser for Simmons' Rushcard Foundation, which [...]
    Rushcard Foundation Dinner at Russell Simmons' [...]

  4. DJ Cipher Sounds with turntables & sound equipment in 1995.[...]
    DJ Cipher Sounds, 1995.

  5. This flyer advertises a concert in 1980 at 145-39 Farmers Blvd., Jamaica, Queens. Featuring Cipher S[...]
    Flyer for "College Disco Explosion" in J [...]

  6. Artz & Kraftz were an R&B from the late '80s - early '90s that consisted of Antonio Moore, Mitchell [...]
    Artz & Kraftz

  7. This image was created for Tony Moore's website to tell his history as an artist. It shows the previ[...]
    Artz & Kraftz From 1984 to 1995

  8. This flyer advertises the South Side Hip Hop Jam Part 2, a concert in Jamaica, Queens featuring DJ C[...]
    South Side Hip Hop Jam Part 2

  9. DJ Cipher Sounds depicted with GZA The Genius, a member of Wu-Tang Clan.[...]
    Original DJ Cipher Sounds & Genius Wu-Tang Cla [...]

  10. DJ Cipher Sounds with hip hop legends such as Chuck D and Ice-T at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors.[...]
    Hip Hop Luminaries

  11. DJ Cipher Sounds and RZA in 2004[...]
    Cipher Sounds with RZA

  12. The photo shows the setting up of sound equipment before a block party in Jamaica.[...]
    Original Cipher Sounds Equipment in 1985