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  1. Hazel Lendle (Arlene Hoffman's mother) with a parasol on the rooftop of her birth home.[...]
    Young Hazel Lendle on Building Rooftop

  2. Arlene Hoffman (center) in a photograph taken with her good friends Patricia Hoey and Alinar Furrer.[...]
    A Young Arlene Hoffman, Patricia Hoey, and Alinar [...]

  3. Sign for Arlene's School of dance, a studio that was open for a ground-breaking 51 years.[...]
    Arlene's School of Dance

  4. The inside of Arlene Hoffman's Studio.[...]
    Inside Ms. Hoffman's Dance Studio

  5. Arlene Hoffman pictured with a sign in front of her old business, as she retires after a grand 51 ye[...]
    Arlene Hoffman Closing Shop After Half a Century

  6. Kathleen Bennett as Miss Pennsylvania. She was also the runner-up in the competition and used Arlene[...]
    Miss Pennsylvania in Ridgewood

  7. Hazel Lendle (mother of Arlene Hoffman) standing in front of her birth home.[...]
    Hazel Lendle at Her Birth Home

  8. Arlene Hoffman, founder of Arlene's Dance Studio in Ridgewood, is pictured in a newspaper article re[...]
    Ridgewood Honors Dance Teacher Arlene Hoffman