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  1. Ashini describes a variety of classes and activities available through the Ganesh Temple where she a[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 2: Activities at the Gan [...]

  2. Ashini describes music and dancing at the Ratha Yatra procession during the Sri Ganesha Chaturthi fe[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 7: Music and Dancing at [...]

  3. Ashini describes how her mom tells her she can not participate in certain activities and is cautiona[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 9: Social Role as a Girl

  4. Ashini describes going shopping at American chain stores for some clothes and going to Flushing, Jac[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 8: Shopping Habits

  5. Ashini talks about traveling through the city on her own, to school and various places like taking t[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 5: Traveling Alone, and [...]

  6. Ashini grew up speaking Tamil at home, and describes it as her first language. She also takes classe[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 6: Speaking Tamil

  7. Ashini describes how the Ganesh temple used to be a church. She talks about the various religious in[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 10: Diversity in the Nei [...]

  8. Ashini volunteers at the summer camp of the Ganesh Temple. The age range of kids is 5 to 15. She has[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 3: Volunteering at Ganes [...]

  9. Ashini describes growing up in the apartment building where her family lived for most of her life. S[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 4: Apartment Building, G [...]

  10. Ashini discusses the positive developments she has witnessed in Flushing over time including the exp[...]
    Ashini Ganesalingam, Clip 1: Changes in the Neighb [...]