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  1. Laurel Restaurant, Kent Cleaners, and Wine and Liquors stay open during a blizzard in Flushing.[...]
    Resilient Stores Open During A Blizzard

  2. This photograph depicts a fabric store in Flushing owned by Mr. Ralph Atkins. His granddaughter, Car[...]
    Fabric Store On 20 Main Street

  3. Ralph Atkins, in a black coat, and Murray Gould pose for a photograph in inside of a fabric store. T[...]
    Ralph And Murray Pose for a Photograph Together

  4. Billboards advertising men's clothes, electronics, and the Queens County Savings Bank.[...]
    Flushing Billboards

  5. Prospect Theater's marquee featuring "Let No Man Write My Epitaph" and "Hell Is A City". Also visibl[...]
    Prospect Theater In Flushing

  6. An unidentified man poses standing in the snow in front of a busy Flushing intersection. The site of[...]
    Man Posing for a Photograph During a Blizzard

  7. A heavy snowy visible on Main Street near the Flushing Long Island Railroad elevated station.[...]
    Snowy Day On Main Street

  8. Festive Thanksgiving parade floats saunter down Flushing Main street. This photograph was taken from[...]
    Parade On Flushing