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  1. A flyer for a hip hop event featuring a battle between artists from the Bronx and Manhattan.[...]
    ManDipLite & T-Connection: Battle of the Best

  2. Flyer for a Pre-Memorial Day Disco Battle of the Boroughs. The Powerhouses of 3 Boroughs; Brooklyn's[...]
    Battle of the Boroughs

  3. Dr. Sarah Covington Interview transcript and timecodes: Dr. Covington is a professor at Queens Colle[...]
    Sarah Covington, Full Interview

  4. “The wonderful thing about Sunnyside is that we are all here together and that it hasn’t made th[...]
    Text from Sandra Robishaw Interview

  5. Isaac Haber wrote this essay for a school assignment when he was twelve years old. He describes his [...]
    Isaac Haber's essay on his Grandpa Haber

  6. Marilyn A. Simpson's Story Quilt Square represents her love of design.[...]
    Marilyn A. Simpson's Story Quilt Square

  7. “They call me the Mayor of Skillman Avenue.” I recently visited Shalom Books on Skillman Avenue.[...]
    Text from John Millus Interview

  8. Phyllis Spigonardo, Full Interview - Phyllis talks about her life in Queens, paticularly Astoria. In[...]
    Phyllis Spigonardo, Full Interview

  9. Esther Weinreb's parents both took her to the World's Fair in 1939 with the train. They found it ver[...]
    Esther Weinreb Clip 2: Immigrating to the United S [...]

  10. A flyer for a hip hop show in Jackson Heights. It featured Juice, Dougie Fresh, the Fearless 4, DJ L[...]
    Easter Sunday Super Show

  11. Cosmos, a former accountant who lives in Maspeth, had a very pragmatic reason for opening up his acu[...]
    Text from Cosmos Interview

  12. Anna Thea Bridge has been interested in bees almost as long as she can remember. But only when beeke[...]
    Text from Anna Thea Bridge Interview