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  1. Ekta and her husband are shown celebrating their anniversary on a one day Spirit cruise in Manhattan[...]
    Spirit Cruises 2013

  2. Ekta and her husband pose with a decorated Christmas tree in her sister-in-law's home in Floral Park[...]
    Celebrating Christmas for Fun

  3. A portrait of Ekta after her interview.[...]
    Ekta Kaur

  4. Ekta and her Husband pose with their family with a Sikh Museum behind them in Punjab, India. Ekta is[...]
    Sikh Museum of India

  5. Ekta Kaur and her husband, Raju Singh are shown after their prayer at a temple in India. This prayer[...]
    Prayer After Marriage

  6. Ekta and her husband are shown in the backyard of their home in Richmond Hill. They are enjoying the[...]
    Snow in Richmond Hill

  7. Ekta and her husband Raju are shown on a one day Spirit cruise in Manhattan celebrating their first [...]
    Anniversary Date in Manhattan

  8. Ekta's mother and her aunts are sitting around near a temple in India talking about her new married [...]
    Family Gathering

  9. Ekta and her husband pose in front of the Citi-field stadium where they watched the Mets play. The p[...]
    Mets Game at Citifield