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  1. Gladys Simpkins poses in her parents' home in Jamaica. This photo was taken before her marriage to J[...]
    Gladys Simpkins in her Parents' Home

  2. Hardy Simpkins Jr., son of Hardy and Jerry Lee Simpkins, poses with a telephone in his parents' home[...]
    Hardy Simpkins Jr. in his Parents' Home

  3. Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) poses with her son, Lester, and her cousin Mamie. Gladys married John W[...]
    Merrick Park Gardens Construction Site

  4. Jerry Lee Simpkins, Hardy Simpkins Sr., and their children are dressed up in preparation for a celeb[...]
    The Simpkins Family

  5. Huntington Junior High School class of 1951 portrait. The boy in the middle row on the far right is [...]
    Huntington Junior High School Class of 1951

  6. Gladys Weaver and her husband John pose in front of the piano on Mother's Day.[...]
    Gladys and John Weaver on Mother's Day

  7. Jamaica, Queens resident Jerry Lee Simpkins is poses in a formal portrait. The photo was taken somet[...]
    Jerry Lee Simpkins' Portrait

  8. Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) poses with her son, Lester, at the construction site of their future ho[...]
    Future Site of the Merrick Park Gardens Co-op Apar [...]

  9. Jerry Lee Simpkins is dressed in choir robes in front of the family piano at her home in Jamaica, NY[...]
    Jerry Lee Simpkins in choir robes

  10. Gladys and John Weaver together on the day of their wedding.[...]
    Gladys and John Weaver's Wedding