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  1. Jean Bartelt with her parents, Jeanette and Herman Bartelt, in 1940. They are posing in front of Jea[...]
    Jean Bartelt with Parents, 1940

  2. Jean Bartelt's home in Hollis, N.Y., as it looked when her parents bought it in 1935. The purchase p[...]
    Jean Bartelt's House, 1935

  3. Jean Bartelt grew up in Hollis in the 1940s and 1950s. She still lives in her childhood home there t[...]
    Jean Bartelt

  4. Jean Bartelt (far right) went begging for Thanksgiving as a child instead of trick or treating for H[...]
    Begging for Thanksgiving

  5. Jean Bartelt at her graduation from Queens College in 1960. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in histo[...]
    Jean Bartelt Graduates from Queens College, 1960

  6. Jean Bartelt as a toddler at the 1939 World's Fair. She is posing on a miniature perisphere in the K[...]
    Jean Bartelt at the 1939 World's Fair

  7. Jean Bartelt's report card from Jamaica High School in June, 1956. This was her final report card fr[...]
    Jean Bartelt's Final High School Report Card

  8. Jean Bartelt's report card from P.S. 135 in June, 1950. The school, located in Queens Village, is no[...]
    Jean Bartelt's P.S. 135 Report Card