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  1. Kamaljit Kaur (center) and her aunt (on her left) Surjit Kaur with other Hindu women breaking their [...]
    Karva Chauth Fast

  2. Kamaljit Kaur and her daughter Erika Banga have a picnic on the grass of Astoria park while the sun [...]
    Picnic in Astoria Park

  3. Kamaljit Kaur at Queens Library Central branch.[...]
    Kamaljit Kaur

  4. Erika Banga with her cousins Durga Kaur (right)and Babli Kaur (left) for her fourth birthday.[...]
    Birthday Girl with Cousins

  5. Erika Banga with her family members for her fourth birthday.[...]
    Birthday Girl with Cousins

  6. Erika Banga and her Aunt Anna sit together on the F train in 2010. The train is stopped at the 71st [...]
    F Train at 71st Street.

  7. Kamaljit Kaur and her friend pose with her newborn baby on the first day of the year 2002, in Elmhur[...]
    Newborn at Elmhurst Hospital

  8. Erika Banga as a newborn with her mother, Kamaljit Kaur, at Elmhurst Hospital.[...]
    Newborn Erika

  9. Kamaljit Kaur and Erika Banga are shown in the snow on 82nd Street in Elmhurst.[...]
    Snow in Elmhurst

  10. Kamaljit's late husband, Ramesh Kumar, and her two daughters Erika and Ekta Banga in their home in S[...]
    Ramesh Kumar and His Daughters

  11. Erika Banga and her uncle Jaswinder Kumar are riding a bike together on 111th Avenue and 126th Stree[...]
    Biking on 111th Avenue

  12. Erika Banga (right) is shown at her Kindergarten graduation at P.S. 21.[...]
    P.S. 21 Kindergarten Graduation