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  1. In the second part of his interview with Queens Memory, Keith Perrin focuses on the development of F[...]
    Keith Perrin, Second Full Interview

  2. In 1999 Keith Perrin traveled to Japan to promote the opening of a new FUBU store. It was a surprise[...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 1: A Real Natural High

  3. Keith Perrin describes the type of role models he saw in his neighborhood. As a youth, he would see [...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 3: Early '80s Neighborhood [...]

  4. Keith Perrin talks about the places he's lived in the past couple of years. He had moved upstate to [...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 9: Moving Back to Queens

  5. In FUBU's early days, Daymond John, Founder, President, and CEO of FUBU, persistently asked LL Cool [...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 4: FUBU and LL Cool J

  6. One of the four founders of the FUBU clothing company, Keith Perrin grew up in Queens Village in the[...]
    Keith Perrin, First Full Interview

  7. Keith Perrin talks about growing up in Queens Village, dealing with bullies and having to be tough. [...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 5: Growing Up in a Tough Neighb [...]

  8. FUBU came out at the same time that a lot of famous artists were starting out. While the FUBU founde[...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 6: The Early Days of Hip Hop

  9. Co-founder Keith Perrin describes the start of the FUBU clothing line, including how the founders ca[...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 10: The Start of FUBU

  10. Keith Perrin and the rest of the FUBU founders were invited to come to South Africa to open a FUBU s[...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 7: Meeting Nelson Mandela

  11. FUBU first got its clothing into a small store on Jamaica Avenue (in Jamaica, Queens) called Montego[...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 11: They Want to Put You in Mac [...]

  12. Keith Perrin explains how he connected with the other founders of the FUBU clothing line. He met Day[...]
    Keith Perrin, Clip 8: How the FUBU Founders Met