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  1. Laurie Greenwald's sister, Debbie, poses in front of their home in Parkway Village.[...]
    Laurie Greenwald's Sister, Debbie

  2. Laurie Greenwald's mother, Hilda, poses with Pierre, the family dog, at their home in Parkway Villag[...]
    Hilda Greenwald and Pierre

  3. Laurie Greenwald's sister, Peggy, poses in the courtyard of their home in Parkway Village.[...]
    Laurie Greenwald's Sister, Peggie

  4. Laurie Greenwald poses in the Court of Nations at the NY World's Fair, 1964-1965. The Unisphere is v[...]
    Laurie Greenwald at the 1964 World's Fair

  5. This photo was taken the day of Laurie Greenwald's oral history interview at the Queens Historical S[...]
    Laurie Greenwald

  6. Laurie Greenwald stands up front (holding flowers) with her friends and neighbors in this group port[...]
    Laurie Greenwald's 6th birthday party

  7. Laurie Greenwald stands outside the Colden Auditorium at Queens College on the occasion of her gradu[...]
    Junior High Graduation

  8. Laurie Greenwald poses in her Parkway Village home.[...]
    Laurie in a tutu

  9. Laurie Greenwald's daughter, Kathleen Marean (in green, dark denim jacket), celebrates her 11th birt[...]
    Birthday at the Midway