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  1. Imelda and Thomas Matthews, parents of Maureen Powell, pictured on their wedding day. This photo was[...]
    Thomas and Imelda Matthews' Wedding Photo

  2. Agnes and Albert Strodel (maternal grandparents of Maureen Powell) in a wedding portrait taken by a [...]
    Agnes and Albert Strodel's Wedding Portrait

  3. Maureen Powell (far left) pictured with her siblings Kevin Matthews (center) and Nancy Matthews (far[...]
    Young Maureen Powell at Grandma's

  4. Maureen Powell's daughter Krystle Powell at six months old.[...]
    Krystle Powell

  5. Maureen Powell's 8th grade graduation photo. She graduated from St. Pancras.[...]
    Maureen Powell's Graduation

  6. The Powells show off the latest addition to the family.[...]
    Maureen Powell as a Newborn and Family

  7. Maureen and Kevin Powell take a picture with Krystle Powell at her first communion. Her communion to[...]
    Krystle Powell's First Communion

  8. A wedding photo of Maureen and Kevin Powell taken during a champagne toast. Taken by a professional [...]
    Maureen and Kevin Powell At Their Wedding

  9. Thomas Matthews at 12 years old, standing with his sister Rose Matthews (center), and his cousin Kat[...]
    Thomas Matthews at a Family Gathering

  10. Maureen Powell (in center) surrounded by her friends, Joanne Prest (far left), Richie Byrd, and Caro[...]
    Maureen Powell and Her Friends at the Future Site [...]

  11. Maureen Powell pictured at the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council after her interview.[...]
    Maureen Powell