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  1. Patricia spoke about how the houses in the neighborhood is starting to change. Back then, the neighb[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 6: Houses in Whitestone

  2. Patricia spoke about how she directed a contemporary choir with her husband 16 years ago. The Thursd[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 5: Christmas Caroling

  3. Patricia talks about when she and her first husband bought a house in Whitestone in 1988, and how th[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 2: Looking for a House in W [...]

  4. Patricia spoke about how they were able to purchase a house in Whitestone. They were able to get a c[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 3: Finding a House in White [...]

  5. Patricia Brintle is long-term residents of Jackson Heights and Whitestone. In the interview, she dis[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Full Interview

  6. Patricia spoke about how neighbor were like and spoke about what ethnicity lives in her neighborhood[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 4: Whitestone's Divers [...]

  7. Patricia moved from Haiti to Elmhurst Queens in 1964, at age 17. She learned English from watching t[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 1: Learning English

  8. Patricia spoke about how she is going to cherish the memories she had when she was in the neighborho[...]
    Patricia Brintle, Clip 7: Patricia's Cherishe [...]