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  1. According to Mr. Graziano, the Waldheim neighborhood was one of the first subdivisions in the United[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 2: First subdivision in the Un [...]

  2. Mr. Graziano describes how Flushing was a small town before the railroad was built. Then it became a[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 1: Evolution of Flushing

  3. Paul Graziano, is originally from Flushing. He is an urban planning and historic preservation consul[...]
    Paul Graziano, Full Interview

  4. Mr. Graziano describes how New York City adapted the current zoning resolution in 1961. It was desig[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 4: Redevelopment in the 1980&# [...]

  5. Paul Graziano helped create the Waldheim Neighborhood Association. Some of the initial issues the gr[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 5: Forming the Waldheim Neighb [...]

  6. Mr. Graziano relates that up through WWII, Flushing consisted of estates. After the war, he describe[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 3: Redeveloping Flushing estat [...]

  7. Paul Graziano, raised $40,000 for his Green Party run and got 80f the vote. He says he would run aga[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 8: Running for office, landmar [...]

  8. Mr. Graziano describes how one of the first projects of the Waldheim Neighborhood Association was to[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 6: Landmarking Proposal for Wa [...]

  9. Mr. Graziano discusses the lack of public transportation in Waldheim. He also talks about the increa[...]
    Paul Graziano, Clip 7: Public transportation, spec [...]