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  1. Mr. Hourahan relates that in 1970, his wife's cousins used to go to a Japanese store on Main Street [...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 5: 1970s in Flushing

  2. Mr. Hourahan relates that he used to think Flushing was a predominantly Jewish area, since everyone [...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 7: Jewish residents and syn [...]

  3. Mr. Hourahan describes how the Progressive era, was not just one of social reform, but also reflecte[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 1: Progressive era

  4. Mr. Hourahan states that there continues to be tension between Chinese residents from Taiwan and mai[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 6: Tension within Chinese p [...]

  5. Richard Hourahan, collections manager of the Queens Historical Society, speaks from Kingsland Manor,[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Full Interview

  6. The New York World's Fairs in Flushing were actually not official World's Fairs. According to Mr. Ho[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 10: Robert Moses and the Ne [...]

  7. Mr. Hourahan observes the contrast between poverty and big business in Flushing. He sees a many elde[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 8: Poverty and Big Business

  8. According to Mr. Hourahan, the impact of the World's Fairs on Flushing included topographical change[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 4: Impact of the World' [...]

  9. Mr. Hourahan believes that the era has passed when market values in a neighborhood drop when a new e[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 9: Value of property

  10. African Americans living in Flushing date back to colonial times. In the 1800's 200f the population [...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 3: Irish and African Americ [...]

  11. Mr. Hourahan describes the 1920's economic bubble as similar to the one in 2010. Advertisements desc[...]
    Richard Hourahan, Clip 2: Real estate development [...]