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  1. M P and Jacque Kyle on the day of their interview.[...]
    M P and Kyle Jacque

  2. Erin McAleavy on the day of her interview.[...]
    Erin McAleavy

  3. Jacqui Sleven on the day of her interview.[...]
    Jacqui Sleven

  4. Photograph of Queens Library employee Chun-Hee Kim taken during an oral history session at Central L[...]
    Queens Library Employee Chun-Hee Kim

  5. Elly Sheerin on the day of her interview.[...]
    Elly Sheerin

  6. Ms. Mueller being interviewed at the Rockaway Beach.[...]
    Uli Mueller at Rockaway Beach

  7. John McLaughlin on the day of his interview.[...]
    John McLaughlin

  8. Jackie McGinty on the day of her interview.[...]
    Jackie McGinty

  9. Benji Plotch resting on some bench at the Queens Peninsula Library Branch.[...]
    Benji Plotch at Peninsula Library

  10. Ms. Arzola being interviewed at the Queens Library Peninsula Branch.[...]
    Ms. Arzola Telling Her Hurricane Sandy Story