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  1. The Monahan family in the early 2000's.[...]
    The Monahan Family

  2. Zum Stammtisch, a German restaurant run by Werner Lehner, supported local charities like the Greater[...]
    Bob Monahan Accepts a $1500 Donation for GRYC

  3. Bob Monahan holds a dedication plaque that reads "Fred M. Velepec Youth Center, Greater Ridgewood Yo[...]
    Celebration at the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council

  4. Pictured is Bob Monahan's board full of pins, including some small pictures on the side.[...]
    A Wall of Pins

  5. Bob Monahan (right) and his son, Robert Monahan playing outside. As an adult, Rob later became the E[...]
    Bob Monahan and His Son Rob

  6. Bob Monahan received a trophy for coaching a team that went to the World Series.[...]
    Bob Monahan's Baseball Trophy

  7. Robert Monahan's membership card from the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, from the early 1980s.[...]
    Robert Monahan's Greater Ridgewood Youth Coun [...]

  8. Bob Monahan (left) and Fred M. Velepec (right), attending an event at the Greater Ridgewood Youth Co[...]
    Bob Monahan and Fred M. Velepec at Greater Ridgewo [...]

  9. Robert Monahan (left) with his sister Sara Monahan (right) pictured at the 50th Anniversary celebrat[...]
    Robert and Sara Monahan Celebrate the GRYC's [...]

  10. Bob Monahan shows off his wall of pins located in his office at the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council.[...]
    Bob Monahan and His Pin Wall

  11. The Director of the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, Bob Monahan, in his office.[...]
    Bob Monahan at His Office

  12. Bob Monahan holding his daughter Sara, on the monkey bars at a park. Mr. Monahan is dressed in a whi[...]
    Bob Monahan at the Park with His Niece and Daughte [...]