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  1. Ceiling of the former Bliss Theater.[...]
    Former Bliss Theater - Interior

  2. Original doors of the Bliss Theater. Still standing as of 2015.[...]
    Bliss Theater Doors

  3. Parking lot, at the site of the former Sunnyside Theater.[...]
    Sunnyside Theater Site

  4. Former entrance of the Bliss Theater.[...]
    Bliss Theater Entrance

  5. Warren G. Harris, author of numerous biographies of actors and actresses, shares his memories of gro[...]
    Text from Warren G. Harris Interview

  6. Interior view of the Sunnyside Theater.[...]
    Sunnyside Theater - Interior

  7. Warren G. Harris, standing in front of a drug store, where the entrance to the Sunnyside Theater use[...]
    Warren G. Harris

  8. Newspaper advertisement for the opening of West Point Story at the Bliss Theater.[...]
    Bliss Theater Advertisement

  9. Center Cinemas, the last Sunnyside theater closed in 2015.[...]
    Center Cinemas

  10. Advertisement for the opening gala of Sunnyside Theater. The gala features the movie "Sweet Rosie O'[...]
    Sunnyside Theater Advertisement

  11. Advertisement for the movies, and a professional basketball game, at the Sunnyside Theater.[...]
    Sunnyside Theater Advertisement

  12. The old 43rd Street Theater at Greenpoint Avenue.[...]
    Theater Site