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  1. Yama talks about his activities and his experiences living in the shelter, including the violence he[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 7: Yama's Building Somethin [...]

  2. Yama talks about how he moved to Queens. He talks about his first couple of years living in the home[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 3: Moving into Queens

  3. Yama talks about raising his kids in the shelter. He discusses how they got special treatment becaus[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 6: Yama Teaching His Kids Lesson [...]

  4. Yama talks about how despite all the hurdles he has been dealt, he has remained positive. He states [...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 2: Making Life Into A Positive

  5. Yama talks about the time he went to Tennessee and hung out with Navajos. He went on a running journ[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 4: Running with the Navajos

  6. Yama talks about growing up in the Soundview Projects in Harlem. He discusses the bullying he would [...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 5: The Projects Rite of Passage

  7. Yama talks about growing up in Harlem and Northern Bronx. He recounts the various things he witnesse[...]
    Yama Wilson, Full Interview

  8. Yama talks about how much he loved basketball when he was younger, how it was his escape from the vi[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 1: From Basketball Player to Poe [...]