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  1. The World War II memorial in Queens Village is located in a small park opposite the Long Island Rail[...]
    World War II memorial

  2. Jean Bartelt with her parents, Jeanette and Herman Bartelt, in 1940. They are posing in front of Jea[...]
    Jean Bartelt with Parents, 1940

  3. The Trabold family scrapbook features photographs from Bob Trabold's childhood in Jamaica.[...]
    Trabold Family Scrapbook

  4. This framed portrait was on display in Aaron Gorman's home on the day of his interview for the Queen[...]
    Mr. and Mrs. Gorman's wedding portrait

  5. Souvenir press passes to the 1940 World's Fair.[...]
    Souvenir Press Passes

  6. Group photo of the 5th Force Intelligence staff.[...]
    Seymour Schwartz and Sailors

  7. Annalou Christensen poses with her first two children, Buzz and Barbara, in their driveway. Their ne[...]
    Annalou Christensen with Buzz and Barbara

  8. Press ID card and tickets from the 1940 World's Fair for Samuel Goldstein.[...]
    Press ID Card for Samuel Goldstein

  9. Annalou Christensen (nee McQuilling) poses in the driveway of her childhood home at the top of Smart[...]
    Annalou Christensen in driveway

  10. Bob Trabold, left, stands on his family's apartment roof with baby brother Leo and his mother, Irma.[...]
    Bob, Irma and Baby Leo Trabold

  11. One of the Trabold children.[...]
    Trabold Boy

  12. Bob Trabold in a toy car.[...]
    Bob Trabold as a Child