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  1. From left to right around the table: Gertrude McDonald, Gerry Graver, Munteanu Joona, Poornamatia Si[...]
    Bingo at Sunnyside Community Services Center

  2. Rebecca Rushfield is a resident of Flushing, Queens.[...]
    Rebecca Rushfield

  3. Ekta and her Husband pose with their family with a Sikh Museum behind them in Punjab, India. Ekta is[...]
    Sikh Museum of India

  4. This portrait of Dumitru Radu was taken across the street from the Broadway Community Library where [...]
    Dumitru Radu

  5. Bob Trabold describes the neighborhood shops he remembers from his childhood in Jamaica, especially [...]
    Robert Trabold, Clip 3: Food Memories

  6. Betty Blunnie at the Sunnyside Community Services Center on the day of her interview for the Queens [...]
    Betty Blunnie

  7. Bob Trabold discusses the civic organization he has recently formed, the Hillcrest/Jamaica Hills Nei[...]
    Robert Trabold, Clip 2: Community Activist

  8. Ekta Kaur and her husband, Raju Singh are shown after their prayer at a temple in India. This prayer[...]
    Prayer After Marriage

  9. Bob Trabold recalls the greater amount of open space in the Jamaica of his childhood. He especially [...]
    Robert Trabold, Clip 1: Open Land in Jamaica

  10. Nettie Stewart and her daughter Lisa Stewart (right) are long-time residents of Flushing. Lisa works[...]
    Nettie and Lisa at home

  11. Jenny Verano came to Queens from Colombia in 1964 and moved to Woodside 43 years ago. Abe Vilensky f[...]
    Jenny Verano and Abe Vilensky

  12. 95 years old in August, 2011, Gertrude McDonald is an active member of her local Community Board and[...]
    Gertrude McDonald