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  1. Annalou Christensen recalls the Janus movie theater on Main Street and Northern Boulevard nicknamed [...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 12: Movie theaters in Fl [...]

  2. Annalou Christensen went to the same hairdresser 45 years in Maspeth. She wound up going to him beca[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 9: Going to the same hai [...]

  3. Annalou Christensen attended City College, CUNY to get her masters degree in special education after[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 5: Becoming a teacher

  4. Susan Christensen and Annalou Christensen desribe the small businesses in the area. The children wer[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 10: Relationships with b [...]

  5. Annalou Christensen recounts that life was simpler in her childhood. She describes how on hot days i[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 8: Life was simpler

  6. Annalou Christensen describes how Queens College used to be a boy's reform school. At Christensen's [...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 11: Queens College was a [...]

  7. Annalou Christensen describes how only one family houses were permitted to be built in the area. Onc[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 4: Development of Waldhe [...]

  8. Mary Kaiser moved to the Waldheim neighborhood to live with her father, aunt, and uncle after her mo[...]
    Mary Kaiser, Full Interview

  9. Annalou Christensen describes how their family house was bought from a neighbor who her father used [...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 3: How father bought the [...]

  10. Annalou Christensen talks about moving from West 14th Street in Manhattan to the Waldheim neighborho[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 1: Moving to Cherry Aven [...]

  11. Annalou Christensen recalls going to the ice skating rink in Kissena Park in her youth. A red ball w[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 2: Ice skating in the pa [...]

  12. Annalou Christensen could see her mother's house all the way from Kissena Park. She could see the gr[...]
    Annalou Christensen, Clip 7: Demolition of mother& [...]