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  1. Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) describes the stores on New York Boulevard (now Guy Brewer Blvd), the m[...]
    Gladys Weaver Clip 2: Shopping and Home Delivery

  2. Ida Budman explains a union organized work stoppage incident in which she played an integral part.[...]
    Ida Budman, Clip 2: Work Stoppage

  3. Joey Tabaco describes his father's U.S. military service in the Philippines during World War II. Aro[...]
    Joey Tabaco, Clip 1: Natalio Tabaco's Migrati [...]

  4. Phyllis Spigonardo's husband was a Corporal in World War II, five years before they had met. He rece[...]
    Phyllis Spigonardo, Clip 2: Corporal in World War [...]

  5. Catherine Gifford was a young girl when World War II broke out. She recalls having to ration food an[...]
    Catherine Gifford, Clip 3: Remembering World War I [...]

  6. Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) grew up in Jamaica, Queens in the 1940s. For a nickel, she could get to[...]
    Gladys Weaver Clip 4: The Value of a Nickel

  7. Sal Porio, describes the area where he grew up in Astoria, including stories about playing slapball,[...]
    Sal Porio, Clip 2: Neighborhood Life in Astoria

  8. Ida Budman discusses the early days of labor unions in New York City. One of her first jobs was at L[...]
    Ida Budman, Full Interview

  9. Ms. Vivian Warfield talks about the creation of Parkway Village co-op in the late 1940's. Parkway Vi[...]
    Vivian Warfield, Clip 1: The History of Parkway Vi [...]

  10. Jean Bartelt explains the custom of going begging for treats on Thanksgiving Day, instead of Hallowe[...]
    Jean Bartelt, Clip 2: Begging for Thanksgiving Tre [...]

  11. George Miller talks about how his people shopped for food six days a week in the days before modern [...]
    George Miller Clip 3: Food Shopping in Old Ridgewo [...]

  12. Denny Meyer's mother came to the United States to escape the Nazis and their targeted extermination [...]
    Denny Meyer, Clip 2: Coming to America During the [...]