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  1. Catherine Moore, full interview by her friend Susan Tanebaum, They worked together in the offices of[...]
    Catherine Moore, Full Interview

  2. Jim Pignetti talks about growing up in Astoria - Full interview.[...]
    Jim Pignetti, Full Interview

  3. Jim Pignetti talks about growing up in the riverside area of Astoria and his relationship with the c[...]
    Jim Pignetti, Clip 1: Astoria Riverside

  4. Catherine Moore describes growing up in Corona and visiting her Aunt Fanny's house on Corona Avenue.[...]
    Catherine Moore, Clip 1: Bermuda triangle of Coron [...]

  5. Jim Pignetti recites his poem "Girl Killed in Head-on Crash" and then discusses the young woman who [...]
    Jim Pignetti, Clip 3: "Girl Killed in Head-on [...]

  6. When she was seven years old, Catherine Moore moved with her family to a Brooklyn tenement near her [...]
    Catherine Moore, Clip 2: Life in a to Brooklyn ten [...]

  7. Jim Pignetti explains what Astoria means to him.[...]
    Jim Pignetti, Clip 6: American Dream

  8. Eleftheria Delis discusses her childhood and the struggles she overcame at school as a first generat[...]
    Eleftheria Delis, Clip 2: Struggles of a First Gen [...]

  9. Denis, Mary and Jeanne are Irish American, Danielle is Italian American, Bill white American. They t[...]
    Bill Nevins, Denis Curtin, Jeanne O'Melia, Da [...]

  10. Brian Dunphy interviews his grandparents, Fresh Meadows residents Stanley and Chamoff. He asks them [...]
    Stanley and Harriet Chamoff, Clip 1: Understanding [...]

  11. Catherine Moore talks about her happiest and saddest moments in her life and summarizes what she thi[...]
    Catherine Moore, Clip 3: I am glad I knew her

  12. Melissa Rivera was born in US to Puerto Rican parents. She started working at the age of thirteen in[...]
    Melissa Rivera, Full Interview