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  1. Reon Swaim describes the 1964 World's Fair as brilliant and exciting at night once the lights came o[...]
    Reon E. Swaim Clip 1: The Magic of the World' [...]

  2. Former West Side Tennis Club groundskeeper Jim Sheridan, recounts the history of concerts once held [...]
    Jim Sheridan, Clip 1: Concerts at the West Side Te [...]

  3. Ellen talks about her involvement with the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) and other communi[...]
    Ellen Zilka, Clip 4: Joining the National Council [...]

  4. Marina Bardash Nebro talks about the small fishing village In which her father grew up.[...]
    Marina Bardash Nebro, Clip 1: Father's Fishin [...]

  5. Patsy talks about she came to America because of her father's health. She and her family lived in he[...]
    Patsy Kearney Clip 2: How Patsy Kearney Got Settle [...]

  6. Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan - Mary talks about her traveling to America from Ireland by boat because[...]
    Mary and Timothy O'Sullivan Clip 2: It Was A [...]

  7. Nettie and Lisa Stewart describe going to Aquacade in Flushing Meadows Park. Their neighbor gave the[...]
    Nettie and Lisa Stewart, Clip 3: Going to the Aqua [...]

  8. Mrs. McDonald became a community activist in the 1960's. Her earliest involvement was a campaign for[...]
    Gertrude McDonald, Clip 4: Campaigning for a traff [...]

  9. Assemblyman Lafayette talks about the efforts of the Board of Education to integrate schools in Jack[...]
    Ivan Lafayette, Clip 3: School Integration

  10. Esther Tabaco-Costanzo recalls her first memory of Queens and the importance of her father's backyar[...]
    Esther Tabaco-Costanzo, Clip 3: Childhood Memories [...]

  11. Maureen Powell discusses growing up in a poor family in Glendale.[...]
    Maureen Powell Clip 4: My Father Was a Milkman

  12. Yama talks about growing up in the Soundview Projects in Harlem. He discusses the bullying he would [...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 5: The Projects Rite of Passage