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  1. On Robert Sullivan's first day on the job, he entered the park through the main entrance and describ[...]
    Robert J. Sullivan Clip 1: Musical Phones at the W [...]

  2. Mike Zito recalls admiring the GM exhibit and the prototypes for the cars there. Zito also remembers[...]
    Mike Zito Clip 1: Favorite 1964 World's Fair [...]

  3. In April of 1964, Natalie Mansbach would go with her husband to the World's Fair on dates, which was[...]
    Natalie Mansbach Clip 2: Date Nights at the World& [...]

  4. Natalie Mansbach has both positive and negative memories of the 1964 World's Fair. She describes the[...]
    Natalie Mansbach Clip 1: Class Trip to the World&# [...]

  5. Gary Savage describes his trek from the far reaches of Brooklyn to Queens for the World's Fair. He t[...]
    Gary Savage, Full Interview

  6. Stanley and Edith Schwartz visited the 1964 World's Fair after a wedding they attended. They got in [...]
    Stanley P. and Edith Schwartz Clip 2: Free Entry t [...]

  7. Construction of the 1964 World's Fair was mostly on-time, but not without some delays. Some structur[...]
    Dr. Pazel G. Jackson Clip 1: World's Fair [...]

  8. Debra Michlewitz's father was working on a building project at the World's Fair. He was the foreman [...]
    Debra Michlewitz Clip 1: A Daring and Futuristic B [...]

  9. Mr. Kramberg was 15 at the time of the 1964 World's Fair. He gives a description of the influence an[...]
    Louis Kramberg Clip 1: 1964 World's Fair: Ent [...]

  10. Susan Bennett visited her father's family in Brooklyn every summer as a child and in 1964, when she [...]
    Susan Bennett, Full Interview

  11. Pat Baglivio gives a short description of the dry-cleaning machine that was on display in the House [...]
    Pat Baglivio, Full Interview

  12. Pat Baglivio shares her memories of visiting the "House of the Future" at the 1964 World's Fair, par[...]
    Pat Baglivio Clip 1: 1964 World's Fair Introd [...]