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  1. Pazel Jackson shares his knowledge about the construction of Shea Stadium. Normally athletic stadium[...]
    Dr. Pazel G. Jackson Clip 2: Shea Stadium Construc [...]

  2. Bob Gregson describes his visits to the 1964-1965 World's Fair. He was a teenager and came with his [...]
    Bob Gregson, Full Interview

  3. Steve Molofsky grew up in the Flushing neighborhood. He visited the World's Fair a number of times, [...]
    Steven Molofsky, Full Interview

  4. Rose Ann Sohn visited the 1964 World's Fair as a young girl. She describes the beauty of the Fair an[...]
    Rose Ann Sohn, Full Interview

  5. Mr. Shearman was hired by IBM in 1963 and invited to work at the IBM pavilion during the Fair. He wa[...]
    Robert Shearman Clip 1: Working for IBM at the 196 [...]

  6. Bob Gregson preferred the pavilions at the World's Fair that included rides. Among his favorites is [...]
    Bob Gregson Clip 1: 1964 World's Fair: Rides [...]

  7. Philip Sohn visited the 1964 World's Fair as a young boy with his family. He describes some of his f[...]
    Philip Sohn, Full Interview

  8. Traveling to the World's Fair from Borough Park, and their other relationships with Flushing Meadows[...]
    Clare Lovett and Jane Zucker Clip 1: Neighborhoods [...]

  9. Carol Brock discusses the 1964 World's Fair and its effect on fine dining in New York City. She reca[...]
    Carol Brock, Clip 2: Fine Dining at the 1964 World [...]

  10. Rose Ann Sohn visited the 1964 World's Fair twice. She specifically recalls the Pieta, which she des[...]
    Rose Ann Sohn Clip 1: The Pieta Comes to the World [...]

  11. Clare Lovett and Jane Zucker have been friends for fifty years, and visited the 1964-1965 Fair as te[...]
    Clare Lovett and Jane Zucker, Full Interview

  12. Al Musaffi worked at the World's Fair while also studying nearby at Queens College as an undergradua[...]
    Al Musaffi, Clip 1: Working at the 1964-1965 World [...]