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  1. Dr. Uma Mysorekar describes how the influx of immigrants into the Flushing and population growth led[...]
    Uma Mysorekar, Clip 6: Why Flushing is the home of [...]

  2. The Mohans discuss their son and daughter. Their daughter is married with a family, but is not relig[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 5: Their son [...]

  3. Dr. Uma Mysorekar discusses the number of employees working and living at the Ganesh Temple, and the[...]
    Uma Mysorekar, Clip 5: Ganesh Temple's employ [...]

  4. Dr. Uma Mysorekar practiced for over 30 years and had offices in Flushing and Elmhurst, Queens. She [...]
    Uma Mysorekar, Clip 1: From obstetrician/gynecolog [...]

  5. Mrs. Mohan states that the devotees consider sound vibrations from the mantras important because the[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 8: Participat [...]

  6. The Mohans discuss their experiences as immigrants in the United States including the process of con[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 6: Learning E [...]

  7. Dr. Uma Mysorekar describes how initially there was skepticism among members of the Hindu community [...]
    Uma Mysorekar, Clip 3: Ganesh Temple's gradua [...]

  8. Dr. Uma Mysorekar states that it is uncommon for a women to be president of a temple. She describes [...]
    Uma Mysorekar, Clip 2: Holding a position of power [...]

  9. Mrs. Mohan says she felt safe in her neighborhood when she lived in Woodside. She had a lot of India[...]
    P. Ramaswamy and Radhika Mohan, Clip 3: Feeling Sa [...]

  10. Peter Loupakis talks about his childhood in gymnastics and his family owned gymnastics, karate, and [...]
    Peter Loupakis Clip 1: Loupakis Karate Acrobatics [...]

  11. Carlos Hiraldo [husband of interviewer Annabel Short] was born in Manhattan to Dominican parents. He[...]
    Carlos Hiraldo, Full Interview

  12. Dr. Uma Mysorekar slowly phased out her successful OB/GYN practice to take on increasing responsibil[...]
    Dr. Uma Mysorekar, Full Interview