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  1. In the spring of 1972, New York City was embarking on a tree planting program. Paul was one of the f[...]
    Paul Kerzner, Clip 3: Tree Planting in Ridgewood

  2. Sharlene Chou recalls the unfamiliar foods she encountered in the U.S., including salad dressing.[...]
    Sharlene Chou, Clip 2: Trying New Foods

  3. In 1971, Norma and Robert Lee moved their family to Laurelton, Queens from their apartment in Manhat[...]
    Norma Lee, Clip 2: Norma Lee Describes Her Home

  4. In the summer of 1971, after Norma and Robert Lee moved their family to Laurelton, Queens, they soon[...]
    Norma Lee, Clip 1: Ethnic Shift in the Neighborhoo [...]

  5. Jean Bartelt discusses her personal encounters with the crime wave that spread throughout New York C[...]
    Jean Bartelt, Clip 5: Crime in the 1970s

  6. Daniel Dromm recalls Jackson Heights' gay culture in the 1970's when he would visit bars like The Al[...]
    Daniel Dromm, Clip 3: Gay culture in 1970's J [...]

  7. Julian Williams worked at Harvey’s Limousine Service, which was located in Sunnyside in the 1970s.[...]
    Julian Williams, Clip 3: Driving a Limousine

  8. Mention of how Cyril is involved with the African Burial Ground in lower Manhattan. Cyril talks abou[...]
    Cyril Innis Jr., Clip 2: Being a Black Panther in [...]

  9. Ralph McDaniels talks about how his uncle took him to a place called Re-Speech during his childhood,[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 3: Ralph McDaniels Talks Abo [...]

  10. Akili Walker knew he wanted to be a studio engineer at the age of nineteen. This revelation occurred[...]
    Akili Walker, Clip 2: Introduction to Studio Engin [...]

  11. One time during his childhood, twenty white kids stole Ralph’s bicycle. The kids thought that Ralp[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 6: Race and growing up in Qu [...]

  12. Sharlene Chou discusses the circumstances under which she left China for the United States.[...]
    Sharlene Chou, Clip 1: Leaving China For the Unite [...]