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  1. Daniel James shares how he felt about growing up on a military base as a child.[...]
    Daniel James Clip 3: Growing Up On a Military Base

  2. Chun-Hee is saved after USPS workers recover her weekly paycheck from the post office.[...]
    Chun-hee Kim, Clip 1: Second Most Memorable Event [...]

  3. Tina Barnes describes a confrontation she had with her daughter Nicole's high school principal who s[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 1: Fighting for Daughter's [...]

  4. Mandingo Tshaka explains how he initially became aware of and involved in the issues surrounding Mar[...]
    Mandingo Osceola Tshaka and Robbie Garrison, Clip [...]

  5. Ralph was able to tell what part of New York someone was from by the way they dress. Queens would ma[...]
    Ralph McDaniels, Clip 5: Ralph McDaniels Talks Abo [...]

  6. Khanna Mastova is the director for a non-profit organization called C.A.C.A.J. ( Council Aid of Cent[...]
    Khanna Mastova, Full Interview

  7. Pauline Mimms discusses how Rush Productions was formed. Rush Production's founding members were Pau[...]
    Pauline Mimms, Clip 3: The Birth of Rush Productio [...]

  8. Chun-Hee is personally drawn to the Queens Library in her neighborhood after one of her daughters ca[...]
    Chun-hee Kim, Clip 3: I Will Make This Your Librar [...]

  9. Ridgewood resident, Paul Kerzner, served on the board of the Polish Slavic Center in Greenpoint. He [...]
    Paul Kerzner, Clip 8: Poles in Ridgewood

  10. Khanna Mastova talks about the reasons she started a non-profit organization to help advance special[...]
    Khanna Mastova, Clip 1: Motivation to Start a Non- [...]

  11. Jeffrion Aubry says the hardest part of his job as Assemblyman is not being able to accomplish every[...]
    Jeffrion Aubry, Clip 2: The Hardest Part of the Jo [...]

  12. Merida describes how hard it was for her to lose her job. She talks about the obstacles she faced be[...]
    Merida Plasencia, Clip 1: Challenge of Unemploymen [...]