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  1. Arnold Franco talks about the process of creating the World War II Memorial. He talks about how sad [...]
    Arnold Franco, Clip 2: Creating the Queens College [...]

  2. Father Christopher Piasta of Saint Joseph's Church is a resident of South Jamaica, Queens. In this i[...]
    Christopher Piasta, Full Interview

  3. Yama talks about how he moved to Queens. He talks about his first couple of years living in the home[...]
    Yama Wilson, Clip 3: Moving into Queens

  4. Chris Piasta gives his viewpoint on why the neighborhoods in South Jamaica are under appreciated and[...]
    Christopher Piasta, Clip 1: Improving South Jamaic [...]

  5. Aldo Falcon immigrated to New York City for better opportunities and because he had a friend living [...]
    Aldo Falcon, Clip 1: Expectations of New York City

  6. The South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association, commonly known as SALGA, is a volunteer community group[...]
    Lakshman Kalasapudi, Clip 2: South Asian Lesbian a [...]

  7. Indira Garcia talks about the process of immigrating to the United States. She talks about what life[...]
    Indira Garcia, Full Interview

  8. Robert Monahan talks about the various jobs he had after college.[...]
    Robert Monahan Clip 2: From Demolition Man to Teac [...]

  9. Luna Ranjit discusses the different communities in Jackson Heights such as the Nepali, Tibetan, and [...]
    Luna Ranjit, Clip 3: Perspective on Jackson Height [...]

  10. Aldo Falcon was born in Argentina and grew up in Paraguay. He was twenty-two years old when he immig[...]
    Aldo Falcon, Full Interview

  11. Wing Pong talks about how he got kicked out of Grover Cleveland. He finished high school by taking a[...]
    Wing Pong Clip 1: Getting Kicked Out of High Schoo [...]

  12. Claudia Bernal was excited about immigrating to the United States and had already planned who she wa[...]
    Claudia Bernal, Clip 1: Coming to the United State [...]