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  1. Frederico "Fred" Robles works for ConEd. Touring 21 different Queens neighborhoods each month, he is[...]
    Frederico Robles, Full Interview

  2. Paula Hostetter learned a lot about her neighbors when she met them door to door after she became a [...]
    Paula Hostetter Clip 2: Republican Campaign Manage [...]

  3. A musician and Sunnyside resident for 25 years, Cosmos considers Sunnyside a "little oasis in the mi[...]
    Cosmos Clip 2: Renaissance Man

  4. Sandra Robishaw is interested and engaged in her Sunnyside community. As an activist, painter, hobby[...]
    Sandra Robishaw Clip 1: Sandra Robishaw, Neighborh [...]

  5. "This is my neighborhood. I want to know what's going on. Everyone needs to know what's going on." E[...]
    Christian Murray, Full Interview

  6. When Mary Teresa Giancoli began to immerse herself into Mexican culture in New York City it was a ch[...]
    Mary Teresa Giancoli, 2009 Full Interview

  7. Bill has lived in Sunnyside for 60 years. Bill's favorite thing about Sunnyside is the diversity of [...]
    Bill Clip 1: Sunnyside Diversity

  8. Rick Duro is the President of Sunnyside United Dog Society (SUDS). Dedicated to the well-being of do[...]
    Rick Duro Clip 1: Sunnyside United Dog Society (SU [...]

  9. Kevin Kolack discusses his career as a voice actor. This clip was originally posted on the Sunnyside[...]
    Kevin Kolack Clip 1: The Life of a Voice Actor

  10. Jimmy Van Bramer talks about what a typical day in his life as councilmember looks like, which event[...]
    Jimmy Van Bramer Clip 1: Typical Day of a City Cou [...]

  11. Rick Duro became a member of the Sunnyside United Dog Society (or SUDS) and eventually its president[...]
    Rick Duro, Full Interview

  12. Diane Kolack talks about what community supported agriculture (CSA) is. She talks about how benefici[...]
    Diane Kolack Clip 2: Getting Your Food Straight Fr [...]