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  1. Maureen Powell speaks about how, during her childhood, there wasn't the technology we have now, and [...]
    Maureen Powell Clip 3: Maureen Powell's Child [...]

  2. Beata Zalewski speaks about how Ridgewood has changed over the years and how more and more artists h[...]
    Beata Zalewski Clip 1: Artists Moving to Ridgewood

  3. Chief Little Fox talks about the Native American view of land ownership and how it contrasts with th[...]
    Chief Little Fox, Clip 2: This Is Our Home

  4. Wing Pong talks about hanging out with friends before there was no internet so they played games and[...]
    Wing Pong Clip 4: Sitting on the Stoop

  5. Beata Zalewski describes how she she met her husband, and why she decided to settle down in Ridgewoo[...]
    Beata Zalewski Clip 4: Settling Down in Ridgewood

  6. Beata Zalewski talks about her daughters attending Intermediate School 93, and how much the school i[...]
    Beata Zalewski Clip 3: Legacy at I.S. 93

  7. Bob Temkin talks about how he moved from Brooklyn to Queens, and how much more spacious his new home[...]
    Bob Temkin Clip 5: Moving into Queens

  8. Arlene Hoffman discusses why she gave up her studio and decided to retire. She talks about the condi[...]
    Arlene Hoffman Clip 1: Arlene Hoffman Retires From [...]

  9. J. Alexander Martin gives his opinion on clothing, expression, identity.[...]
    J. Alexander Martin, Clip 2: Clothing and Identity

  10. Beata Zalewski talks about how and why she became an artist, as well as how she became interested in[...]
    Beata Zalewski Clip 2: Becoming an Artist in Ridge [...]

  11. Allen Delarosa, an employee from the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, speaks about his experiences o[...]
    Allen Delarosa Clip 2: How Myrtle & Ridgewood [...]

  12. People, Couples, entrepreneurs opening up businesses in Queens.[...]
    Bob Temkin Clip 1: A New Small Business Wave in Qu [...]