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  1. Robert Calabretta talks about the symbolism of his quilt square.[...]
    Robert Calabretta's Story Quilt Square Interv [...]

  2. Sharlene Chou talks about the symbolism of yellow jade.[...]
    Sharlene Chou's Story Quilt Square 1 Intervie [...]

  3. Marilyn Simpson talks about moving from North Carolina to New York. She discusses her life long love[...]
    Marilyn A. Simpson's Story Quilt Square Inter [...]

  4. Stephen Au talks about his love of sewing.[...]
    Stephen Au's Story Quilt Square Interview

  5. Naomi Kuo calls her square "Scars for Stars." She discusses how her family background, the scars, of[...]
    Naomi Kuo's Story Quilt Square 2 Interview

  6. Sharlene Chou discusses a poem about the moon.[...]
    Sharlene Chou's Story Quilt Square 2 Intervie [...]

  7. Ying Zhou talks about taking walks with her father, and various trips she has taken.[...]
    Ying Zhou's Story Quilt Square Interview

  8. Joseph Chang discusses growing up in Manhattan, and how he came out of his shell once he moved to Qu[...]
    Joseph Chang's Story Quilt Square 1 Interview

  9. Solange Baptiste talks about how her mother used to do embroidery. Solange does not embroider, but s[...]
    Solange Baptiste's Story Quilt Square Intervi [...]

  10. Liu Leung discusses her family's journey to the west. Her square contains the symbol for water, repr[...]
    Liu Leung's Story Quilt Square Interview

  11. Annie Hung talks about growing up in Taiwan.[...]
    Annie Hung's Story Quilt Square 2 Interview

  12. Natalie Milbrodt discusses how important pie has been to her family.[...]
    Natalie Milbrodt's Story Quilt Square Intervi [...]