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  1. Lisa Stewart describes her family being one of only two African American families in the congregatio[...]
    Nettie and Lisa Stewart, Clip 1: St. John's L [...]

  2. Melvin Reid Jr. was disc jockey back in the 1980's. In this interview, he talks about how life back [...]
    Melvin Reid Jr., Full Interview

  3. Ms. Barnes tells of the fun times that she and her family had together. Despite the rough patches th[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 2: Family Times

  4. In this interview, Curtis speaks about his life as Pastor at Saint Albans Baptist Church. He speaks [...]
    Curtis Harding, Full Interview

  5. Tina Barnes describes a confrontation she had with her daughter Nicole's high school principal who s[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 1: Fighting for Daughter's [...]

  6. Mandingo Tshaka explains how he initially became aware of and involved in the issues surrounding Mar[...]
    Mandingo Osceola Tshaka and Robbie Garrison, Clip [...]

  7. Flyer is part of Prof. Johnathan Thayer's Public History class, Spring 2016, about the Olde Towne of[...]
    Olde Towne of Flushing Burial Ground Flyer

  8. Tina Barnes' older brother had a great influence on her and her siblings. She gives an example of wh[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 6: Sibling Influences

  9. Tina Barnes talks aboout the advice given to her from her parents, and how it influenced her.[...]
    Tina Barnes, Clip 4: Parents Influence

  10. The Burial Ground Conservancy has documentation from the state saying the site qualifies for federal[...]
    Mandingo Osceola Tshaka and Robbie Garrison, Clip [...]

  11. Nettie Stewart moved with her parents from South Carolina in 1941 to Jamaica, Queens where her fathe[...]
    Nettie and Lisa Stewart, Full Interview

  12. Robbie Garrison and Mandingo Tshaka describe the city's takeover of the Burial Ground site in the 19[...]
    Mandingo Osceola Tshaka and Robbie Garrison, Clip [...]