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  1. Sisters Louise (left) and Susan Christensen pose for a photo while playing outside their home in the[...]
    Susan and Louise Christensen

  2. Sal Porio (4th from the left) sits with his neighborhood friends on John Street in Astoria. The stre[...]
    Childhood Friends on John Street

  3. Eighty-three year-old Moontaz Khan talks about his childhood in Guyana where he was subjected to a l[...]
    Moontaz Khan, Clip 2: Humble Origins

  4. Hazel Lendle (Arlene Hoffman's mother) with a parasol on the rooftop of her birth home.[...]
    Young Hazel Lendle on Building Rooftop

  5. Annalou Christensen with her younger brother and sister in the Waldheim neighborhood where they grew[...]
    Annalou Christensen with her brother and sister

  6. Maureen Powell speaks about how, during her childhood, there wasn't the technology we have now, and [...]
    Maureen Powell Clip 3: Maureen Powell's Child [...]

  7. David Kass talks enthusiastically about his love affair with New York City and Queens.[...]
    David and Lori Kass, Full Interview

  8. Bill Mihaltse reminisces about his boyhood in Queens in the 1940's and 50's. He also talks about dat[...]
    William Mihaltse, Full interview with his Daughter [...]

  9. A group photo of participants before the race at Astoria Park, 2011.[...]
    Astoria Bike Race 2011 Participants

  10. Richard Canning talks about growing up in Elmhurst in the nineteen-thirties.[...]
    Richard Canning, Clip 3: A Happy Childhood

  11. Sal Porio recalls stories of friends and boyhood mischief when growing up in Astoria. He tells anecd[...]
    Sal Porio, Clip 1: Childhood

  12. Group photo of participants at the Astoria Bicycle Race 2011. Left to right - Tushal Gupta, Shelly G[...]
    Astoria Bike Race 2011