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  1. In her own words, Jean Bartelt is "a Queens girl" who has lived almost her entire life in the same H[...]
    Jean Bartelt, Full Interview

  2. Juanita Howard talks about her experience coming to New York from West Virginia after her high schoo[...]
    Juanita Howard, Clip 1: Moving to New York

  3. Richard Canning's children, Jerry and Theresa, interview their father about his life as a resident o[...]
    Richard Canning, Full Interview

  4. Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) poses with her son, Lester, and her cousin Mamie. Gladys married John W[...]
    Merrick Park Gardens Construction Site

  5. Gladys Weaver (nee Simpkins) moved as a child to Jamaica, Queens and moved into a nearby co-op in 19[...]
    Gladys Weaver Clip 1: Dramatic Changes in Jamaica

  6. Carol Lee Whiting, an African-American who is very nostalgic about her childhood, has lived her enti[...]
    Carol Lee Whiting, Full Interview

  7. Juanita is long-term resident living in Jamaica, Queens. In this interview, Juanita discusses her ex[...]
    Juanita Howard, Full Interview

  8. Cyril Innis Jr. talks about growing up in East Elmhurst, his life, about being part of the Black Pan[...]
    Cyril Innis Jr., Full Interview

  9. Larry Syverson came to the World's Fair in 1964 with his Boy-Scout troop in order to teach visitors [...]
    Larry Syverson, Full Interview

  10. Donald Hirschhorn lived on a friendly, mixed-immigrant block in Queens Village for over 25 years. Af[...]
    Donald Hirschhorn, Full Interview

  11. Christin Bowman talks about her time in New York.[...]
    Christin Bowman, Full Interview

  12. Larry Syverson recalls being a Boy Scout during the 1964 World's Fair and talks about all the intere[...]
    Larry Syverson Clip 1: Being a Boy Scout During th [...]