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  1. Sandra Robishaw is interested and engaged in her Sunnyside community. As an activist, painter, hobby[...]
    Sandra Robishaw Clip 1: Sandra Robishaw, Neighborh [...]

  2. Wally Rosenthal remarks that growing up, his neighbors were largely of European descent. He consider[...]
    Wally Rosenthal, Clip 2: Neighborhood diversity

  3. Laurie Greenwald moved with her mother and two sisters to Parkway Village when she was five years ol[...]
    Laurie Greenwald, Full Interview

  4. Jeremy talks about growing up in Woodhaven, and visiting the neighborhood's great parks. He talks ab[...]
    Jeremy Magno, Clip 3: Queens Is a Dope Place

  5. Pastor Davis has lived in Queens since 1965, but moving to Jackson Heights in 2009 was, "like moving[...]
    Pastor Delois Davis, Clip1: A Diverse Congregation [...]

  6. Bill has lived in Sunnyside for 60 years. Bill's favorite thing about Sunnyside is the diversity of [...]
    Bill Clip 1: Sunnyside Diversity

  7. David Kass talks enthusiastically about his love affair with New York City and Queens.[...]
    David and Lori Kass, Full Interview

  8. Jeremy Magno is a Queens College student who is majoring in Urban Studies. He is Filipino, grew up i[...]
    Jeremy Magno, Full Interview

  9. Chris Shand works the 4pm to midnight shift at the Flushing Hospital where his wife also works as a [...]
    Chris Shand, Full Interview

  10. Laverne White talks about the diversity of cuisines in Queens, and how she eats out often and enjoys[...]
    Laverne White, Clip 4: Eating Out in Queens

  11. In the summer of 1971, after Norma and Robert Lee moved their family to Laurelton, Queens, they soon[...]
    Norma Lee, Clip 1: Ethnic Shift in the Neighborhoo [...]

  12. Thara Madathody describes the appearance and people of Jackson Heights where she owns a home. She es[...]
    Thara Madathody, Clip 2: Historic and Blended Jack [...]