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  1. A flyer for a hip hop event featuring a battle between artists from the Bronx and Manhattan.[...]
    ManDipLite & T-Connection: Battle of the Best

  2. A flyer for a hip hop show in Jackson Heights. It featured Juice, Dougie Fresh, the Fearless 4, DJ L[...]
    Easter Sunday Super Show

  3. A flyer for a hip hop event in Hollis. It featured DJ Lady Love.[...]
    Always Fresh

  4. Leonore Lanzillotti was an actress and singer, and she remembers many of Sunnyside's famous (and inf[...]
    Leonore Lanzillotti, Full Interview

  5. A flyer for a Valentine's Day hip hop event, at the Wise Memorial Center in St. Albans, in 1981. The[...]
    Flyer Advertising a Valentine's Day Party

  6. A flyer for a Grand Master Flash Show on October 17, 1980. It took place at the Eclipse Disco in Eas[...]
    Eclipse Disco: Grand Master Flash Show "And Y [...]

  7. A flyer for a hip hop event in Studio 125 in Harlem, featuring artists from Brooklyn and Queens. DJ [...]
    Spider Production Present: Brooklyn vs. Queens

  8. A flyer for an all-women DJ event in Freeport, Long Island.[...]
    Sons of Italy Ballroom: It's a Woman's W [...]

  9. Denise talks about Grandmaster Flash and her first experience playing at the club Fantasia located i[...]
    Denise Briggs (DJ Lady Love), Clip 1: Playing at t [...]

  10. This flyer advertises a concert to be held during the Thanksgiving weekend for high school and colle[...]
    The NYC Borough Wide 1981 Nov. 28 "College Hi [...]

  11. Denise Briggs gives her opinion regarding the differences between the rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggi[...]
    Denise Briggs (DJ Lady Love), Clip 2: Tupac vs. Bi [...]

  12. This flyer advertises a concert in 1980 at 145-39 Farmers Blvd., Jamaica, Queens. Featuring Cipher S[...]
    Flyer for "College Disco Explosion" in J [...]